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Girl Hiking in Mountains

Explore the outdoors with confidence. 

Build outdoor skills with female+ instructors.

Coming soon. 

Headlamp fosters supportive mentorships outdoors so you can feel safe and confident on your next adventure. 

Rock Climbing
What we do

Headlamp is a platform that helps you find and book female+ instructors outdoors. 


Want to try mountain biking for the first time? Looking to improve your downhill ski technique? We connect you to a female+ instructor who will teach you the skills you need to get outside quickly and safely. 

Are you a female+ outdoor instructor or guide? 

Discover and book female+ guides

Explore a range of outdoor sports and activities

Learn or improve skills in a safe environment 

Find guides who will meet you at your level.

Everyone explores the outdoors differently -- that's the beauty of it! Whether you are dipping your toes into a new activity for fun or working towards a performance goal, we help you find guides who teach you at your level. Our platform enables you to share the specific skills or experience you are seeking with guides in advance of the class so you feel safe and comfortable. 


The outdoors has space for everyone. We help you to find yours.

Couple on Hike
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